Pastoral Letter January 2021

Beloved greetings in our Saviour’s name

Mr Wesley wrote a hymn which speaks to our context titled: ” Are we yet Alive”? Trust we are all doing well and alive with your loved ones. We are all going through a difficult time as most people are sick (covid related complications) and other illnesses. We must also celebrate that most of our loved ones have recovered.

Most of the close people to us have died, psychologically, spiritually, socially, and economically we are all struggling. May I please ask that we minister to each other by prayer or calling each other. Please if you have or know anyone with pastoral needs call any of our leaders or Reverend on 0645213818. For prayer chain call or text Shaun 0832586866.

I am doing my best to contact everyone via WhatsApp, email, and by writing pastoral letters to you since last year so that we can be updated about anything you need to know about our church life. Our church activities have been disrupted by covid restrictions, if there is anything to be done, we will send out information. If you have a child in confirmation class inform her/him to send me their contacts so that I can send them a Zoom invite for our confirmation class I will be conducting from Sunday 24th Jan at 12h00.

Unfortunately, I cannot call each of you due to limited data and airtime. We are continuing with our online (are being sent every Sunday morning check our emails, WhatsApp, Facebook) worship services and working on trying to improve them by making them live.

Please collect your pre-packed Holy Communion on the 6th Feb between 09h00 & 10h00 at church, they will be consecrated and then we will together celebrate Holy Communion on the 7th Feb on our online covenant service. For our 12h00 community there is no Circuit Covenant service; each society will have its online service and it will also be on the 7th Feb at 11h00. The early morning service will commence at 9h00.

I have been appointed as Acting Superintendent whilst Superintendent Jacqui Rivas is taking care of family crisis. Please let us uphold her and her family in prayer.

The church leadership would like to thank all those who are so committed and generous with their Tithe, Pledge Card giving, and envelop scheme. We have also noticed some financial donations as well. As you know without Sunday worship services there is no Sunday offertory/Sunday collection/Holy Communion care fund, and we would like to encourage you to please give towards those.

Please continue to pray for the world.

Love and Mercy

Rev Dr Philip Serwalo

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